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Corporate Jobs
  • Administration Behind the scenes but at the top of our hearts and minds; employees in our Administration Department support our various businesses and leaders by managing and organizing a multitude of responsibilities. Equal parts guardian of schedules and human flash drive of knowledge, the Admin role is vital to our organization.
  • Business Operations With eight brands spanning the country, we need a strong team to make sure the inner workings of AUSA are running smoothly. Our Business Operations team ensures all milestones are met on time, on or under budget, and according to the Altice way.
  • Communications Our Communications team shapes the narrative of all business functions, both internally and externally, by crafting compelling and concise messaging and creative content for our customers, employees and the media. Storytellers by nature, the Communications team help us all receive the right message.
  • Finance Our Finance team manages all aspects of the company’s finances, including auditing, planning and organizing financial statements and managing the organization’s funds. These are more than number crunchers; they are responsible for multiple businesses, in a multitude of states, overseeing a tremendous amount of employees and customers. Basically, they’re the Swiss Army knife of the company.
  • Government and Community Affairs Our Government and Community Affairs team handles external relationships on two different fronts: one with local government officials to ensure all legislative goals are met and another that focuses on our presence in our local communities. Both facets of this team help keep Altice front and center when and where it matters.
  • Human Resources The Human Resources team at AUSA is comprised of talent scouts, career matchmakers, development wizards, and no-nonsense comp and benefits people (who prefer to keep things straightforward). The role of this combined team is to bring the right talent into the organization and give them what they need to succeed, personally and professionally.
  • Legal The Altice USA Legal Department handles all legal needs for the company and works to prevent any legal issues that may arise across our brands by drafting and reviewing contracts, creating company policies and advising on a range of business procedures. Disclaimer: the Legal team is much more fun than this description seems.
  • Procurement Our Procurement team acquires all of the goods and services that drive our business both day-to-day and well into the future. This includes selecting the best vendors, establishing payment terms, negotiating contracts and purchasing physical goods for all of our businesses.
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