Careers in Sales and Service
You’re driven to succeed. Challenges are just solutions you haven’t gotten ahold of yet.
Sales & Service Jobs
  • Customer Care Our Customer Care team communicates directly with our customers, handling inquiries and technology challenges regarding our entire range of products and services. Part detective and part oracle, our care reps work diligently to determine the need and find the missing element that leads to long-term customer satisfaction.
  • Sales (Business and Residential) Our products and services are the lifeblood of our business, so our sales teams are vital to keeping us pumping. Our Business and Residential sales representatives work alongside our consumers and customers, tailoring a suite of services to meet their needs. Like a mash up of personal shopper and detective, this team asks the right questions and intently listens to answers with the sole focus of finding the perfect solutions.
  • Advertising Sales Our team at A4 works with agencies and brands to provide advertising that truly speaks to the consumer. It’s targeted, it’s digital, it’s pretty darn cool.
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