Innovative, proactive field technicians, energetic sales professionals, high achieving engineers and product/marketing support. If you’re a true believer in customer service, a natural problem solver, and routinely go the extra mile. We have nationwide roles available with many opportunities for career growth.

Jobs at Optimum

Our award-winning, hyper local news stations based in Bethpage, NY; Bronx, NY; and Piscataway, New Jersey serving the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT). If you’re committed to delivering high quality news and storytelling with a hyper local lens, we have positions available for both on and off-air talent with opportunities for development and growth.

Jobs at News12

Our top streaming news channel, featuring the latest in business, culture, technology, and innovation; with news stations across NYC. We have positions available for both on and off-air talent. If you’re dedicated to delivering high quality national and business news in an engaging manner.

Jobs at Cheddar

Our media & advertising organization hub in NYC with roles across the footprint, has roles in front and back of house for media placement across omnichannel.  If you’re passionate about helping clients maximize advertising.

Jobs at A4

If you're excited about creating an impact through customer innovation and supporting the broader organization we have roles that focus on transcending our brands such as administration, human resources, finances, government affairs, legal, procurement, programming, and more with opportunities across our footprint with larger campuses in Long Island City, NY; Bethpage, NY; and Plano, TX.

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