Altice recruiters will never directly ask for Personal Identifiable Information (PII) or financial contributions. While a recruiter may reach out/respond initially on social media platforms, once under consideration, Altice will only communicate through an Altice recruiter with an Altice USA email address. At no time will Altice request payments or exchange of funds. See our Fraud FAQ for further details.

Fraud FAQ
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Women's History Month
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Retail Sales Consultants!

Opportunities in Retail & Pop-Up Mall Locations

We Are Driven
Learn about careers in Sales and Service
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Learn about careers in Corporate
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Learn about careers in Engineering and Technology
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Let's get acquainted.
We're not like other telecom and media businesses. We are making a real difference in the way people and businesses connect with what matters most to them, not just for today but also with an eye on the future.
Born Out of a Restless
Entrepreneurial Spirit
In a world where continuous innovation is the only way forward, we are redefining the vision we have for our customers, enterprises, advertisers - and our people.
Training and Motivating
the Leaders of Tomorrow
Our business-specific program encourages students to develop through formalized training, valuable on-the-job experience, mentoring, team building events and regular performance feedback.
The Benefits of
a Job Well Done
We strive to create an environment and culture that supports your professional, physical and emotional goals.
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